Looking for NPI

When working with NPI listings, it sometimes becomes difficult to find a site that is both an answer for my current problem but also a growing, evolving location of future answers to my questions about NPI Numbers.

After all, when I have a need to be looking for NPI of a current customer or physician I only want one bookmark in my browser so I can get in and out quickly.

But then again I may have a few minutes to study the uses of NPI and to goto the same site http://www.NPINumbers.org and learn how to use the numbers legal and find the proper NPI associated forms and NPI Listings.

These are the reasons NPINumbers.org was created. Make it easy to come back here and reap the benifits of our hard work at researching and using NPI. Bookmark http://www.NPINumbers.org NOW! to maintain compliance with the insurance companies, govermental bodies and keep up to date NPI listings in a easy, quick searchable manner.

If you have any questions about NPI numbers or infomation you believe should be shared then please comment. Have a good day today at work or even on your own time. Know that you have finaly found a site that is destined to be the logical choice www.NPINumbers.org is the natural choice for NPI Number information.

Expect the more serious upgrades to occur in August 2008.

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